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Meet Sharon Khosa, The Success Coach From Babanana Village

Pharmacist, Author, Speaker, Coach and Strategist….. All these words describe Sharon Khosa.

Sharon Khosa – The success coach was born and bred in the dusty streets of Babanana Village (Samson) under N’wamitwa Traditional Authority outside Tzaneen.

Sharon is a qualified Pharmacist, turned serial entrepreneur and a very successful real estate investor. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree as well as an advanced Diploma in management. She is the author of three books. Two Career development books: ‘Job interview Success Secrets’ and ‘The Winning CV’ as well as her new book ‘Want success? Go get it!’ Which will be launched soon.

Her passion for Graduate empowerment and education as a whole saw her finding Elite Success- aimed at inspiring, motivating, educating and empowering people to achieve success and especially financial success. Her sincere love for Graduate empowerment also saw her coaching graduates on different fields such as CV Development, Interview preparation, Career development, entrepreneurship, finances as well as property investment- this saw many people get into jobs and begin their journey in entrepreneurship.

Having been born in a village was not an obstacle for Sharon. She overcame Poverty and many other obstacles in order to get where she is. Being born in a poor background and being the first born and the only daughter of her parent’s seven children had her learn many skills at a very young age. This includes: fetching water, firewood, growing fruits and vegetables as well as processing them into meals and cooking daily meals.

Firstly because she had to make a living out of very scarce and limited resources and also, because she was a deputy mother and had to assist looking after her siblings.

Sharon is very fond about success and personal development; she attended different entrepreneurial and business seminars where she ended up becoming an established property investor and A Coach and later worked as a Support team member during property trainings for a UK based company. She also founded two property investment companies since 2016, through which she buys, sells and rent out properties which saw her helping many distressed sellers.

Sharon Khosa is also a member of toastmasters where she serves as a committee member. She has positively impacted many people through her work as a Pharmacist and a Coach. To date, she continues to be a positive influence by sharing her rich knowledge and wisdom which she acquired through her personal Journey. This she does through her company Elite Success as well as writing educational and inspirational books.

When you get to the TOP, do not look down on those below you, rather look to see who you can uplift”, says the Limpopo born social change activist.

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