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Is Xitsonga Music Awards A True Reflection Of Our Industry?

Music Awards should be a true reflection of our South African Music Industry and not what other people put together for the show to go on.

Every year, companies in partnerships with radio stations stage these events to celebrate our South African Artists. Yet, year after year we get complaints about artists who deserved to win and those who did not.

Some organizers of these awards gets away with a lot because those who call it out always never have evidence to back up their complaints or accusations about certain practices within the music industry.

There’s corruption in most of these music awards happening around South Africa. Some of the people who are in charge are captured by certain artists managers. For one to win, you have to be in this camp (manager) or that camp. Just sit back and do your research about the last 5 years winners of Munghana Lonene FM Xitsonga Music Awards.

This practice has been happening for longer than a decade now. Look at the big record labels, they are the ones who are always winning awards. Just recently, the South African Music Awards have been cancelled due to some Music boss who is linked to corruption.

Have a look at our very own radio station representing Vatsonga. There are a lot of mistakes they are doing without even consulting the people they represent. During the nomination process of the XMA18, they nominated another artist from another tribe as our own. After the public complained, they went back and removed the artist.

Sometimes, the Station cannot be blamed alone for poor voting from artists followers. Most of our artists need to learn about the importance of having good relationships with their fans. They must put pride aside and build long lasting relationships with them. Some fans complain that their artists don’t reply to their inboxes or texts. Small things can make a big difference if attended to by these artists.

To those who lost during the Munghana Lonene FM Xitsonga Music Awards, hard lick. To the deserved winners, congratulations. By being nominated, you are a winner Papa Rhulani, Cool B, Xamaccombo etc.

Aluta continua!

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