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Fans Wants Mama Joy To Go Collect The Cricket World Cup In India

With the 2023 Rugby World Cup ending in victory for South Africa, sports superfan Mama Joy Chauke wants the public’s opinion on whether or not she can head off to India for the Men’s Cricket World Cup to support the Proteas.

The world tournament commenced on 5 October and is set to end on 19 November. In what may seem like déjà vu, South Africa will be up against New Zealand on Wednesday, 1 November at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium situated in Pune, India.

Mama Joy received a lot of attention and backlash on social media – specifically X (formerly Twitter) – after it was made known that she (along with another superfan, Botha Msila) were allegedly paid to attend the Rugby World Cup using taxpayers’ money. Mama Joy made headlines again when it was alleged that her hotel bill cost R10,000 cost per night.

After the Springboks’ win, the beloved Mama Joy took to X to post a picture of herself, adding the caption, “Our trophy is back. Can I go to India or what? I need your vote @cricketworldcup.”

Responding to her post, one social media user said, “My taxes are safe with you, bring another cup home.

While another commented, “It’s your destiny Mama Joy. India, here you come.

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