Papa Penny Slams Dj Bushida Coffee for Remixing His Song ‘Hayi Ka Mina’ Without Permission – N'wamitwa Times

Papa Penny Slams Dj Bushida Coffee for Remixing His Song ‘Hayi Ka Mina’ Without Permission

Legendary South African musician Papa Penny was not happy to find that a local DJ has remixed his hit song ‘Hayi Ka Mina’.

The African Disco King posted a video on his TikTok where he lambasted a DJ called Bushida Coffee, for remixing Papa Penny’s hit song ‘Hayi Ka Mina’.

Papa Penny recently released the remake of the song in celebration of his 30 years in creating music, so of course he was not happy for the unauthorised remix.

In the TikTok video Papa Penny delivered a hot message to Bushida Coffee, telling him to stop playing his music.

Bushida Coffee stop my song, ‘hayi ka mina’ that is my song. Stop that rubbish you are doing, anybody’ song consult. Don’t be a fake artist, you cannot remix my song without me telling you, without asking me.

Don’t play with my gift, compose your own song, delete that nonsense, that rubbish now,” said Papa Penny in the video.

The message was loud and clear as Bushida Coffee took to TikTok and shared that the song has been deleted and clarified that he wouldn’t have remixed someone’s song without their permission.

He went on to explain that the song he has created is different from Papa Penny’s but apologised for his error and understands the anger that he might have caused.

Bushida Coffee also shared that he has spoken to Papa Penny and they had an enlightening conversation about the music business.

Bushida Coffee not only caught strays for the remix but also for his stage name, which had social media users thinking he was referring to the internationally renowned Black Coffee.

Black Coffee also played Papa Penny’s song ‘Hayi Ka Mina’ at one of his international shows in Miami, and the video went viral, prompting many to think Papa Penny was referring to him.

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