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The journey of Xitsonga Traditional Music Prince

The Entrepreneur, Singer, songwriter and Producer Prince Rhangani was born and bred in the dusty streets of Xikundu Village, Malamulele – Limpopo. He is popularly known to his fans as “Vuvuzela”.

In the Music circles, he has worked with most of Xitsonga Traditional Music Artists like the Legendary Joe Shirimani, the most loved Benny Mayengani, Sychology, Kenny Bevhula, Zoro Magoveni, Mapele Nghunghunyani, Khensi Khensani, Percy Mfana, Victor Chabalala, Dikiza Bling Chabalala, Jelani, Mr Jambatani, Marhoya Chauke, Vangoni Vandawu, Henny C, Savanna Ngobeni, Sunglen Chabalala, Team Mlambya, Jenje, Sika Maraiza, General Muzka and Reverend Tshawani among others.

This proudly Tsonga ambitious and talented music producer is a great example of true artistry, having trusted his passion of arts from childhood and actively pursuing a career in the music industry and started his own record label called Rhangani Music which he named after his surname.

His journey started in 1996; he was leading a group called Mahahlwa. They released an album called “Jikeleza”. He went on to release his first album called “Rifumo i mberha” in 2007.

The Journey of Xitsonga Prince was a difficult road which led him to beautiful destinations. After a long struggle trying to make things happen for him and establishing Rhangani Music, a record label which launched careers of many successful artists in the music industry. His combinations with The Legendary Joe Shirimani, Benny Mayengani and Sychology were extremely superb and winning awards timeously. The combination was extremely good and called themselves “Limpopo Poison”, unfortunately due to knowledge expansion and explore, they had to separate and give each other a chance to test their own fruit of life.

After a series of successful productions, the singer and producer is so proud of his journey and success; though being an Artist and Producer is difficult. The “vuvuzela” hit maker, church man, God served him to encourage many others to follow their dreams regardless of circumstances and age.

This artist is talented and still on with his life of entertainment as he continues to win more fans and help more artists because he’s so humble and understanding. He doesn’t produce Xitsonga Traditional Music only; he also worked with Dj Ganyani and Dj Clock (House Artist).

Together with his friends they have worked their way to shiny Rhangani Music, one of the newest record labels in the country. In 2012, The Producer, singer, song writer and entrepreneur; Prince “vuvuzela” Rhangani produced a hit album “Zing Zong na Zeng” together with Joe Shirimani and won his first award. The album was also nominated at the SATMA and SAMAS Awards.

2013 saw the birth of “Black Poison” which had artists like Benny Mayengani, Percy Mfana, Khensi, Sir Jambatani, Kenny Bhevhula, and Xongi Rhangani. The team produced hit after hit and award after award. Kenny Bhevhula won couple of awards with the album called “kecekece”. The Xitsonga Prince continues to give his fans nothing but the best quality music. In 2017 towards the end of the year, Benny Mayengani and Kenny Bevhula decided to leave Rhangani Music to go start their own record labels.

Late 2017 saw the release of the single called “Mariana” which became the best song and played several times daily at Munghana Lonene FM and other different radio stations. He has no regrets about his long road to stardom. “While life has changed, there are new problems to deal with. Challenge of dealing with the fact of the departure of Benny Mayengani and Kenny Bevhula, signing new artists and put them on the map like the rest is very difficult, but he is entitled to do that.

The Producer and Entrepreneur gear up his talent and business. Incorporated with company, Beng Management and Entertainment Group (pty) Ltd, which incorporated with Mabhendo Idea Café (pty) Ltd, to shape up the engine and run in a perspective manner. All he wants is to see his business and talent grow. “ngoma a yi ti chayi mo ni vhuma niya twala Phelindava”.

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