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The Controvencial Ka Valungu Song Making History

There is a new kid on the block within the music circles and this kid happens to be a 27yr old Shangaan Disco song by the late Peta Teanet called Ka Valungu.

The new Ka Valungu – African Vibe PT 2 remix by Tebza de DJ and DJ Nomza The King has been out for less than a month but has had radio stations and social media users jamming and pumping it as if it did not just make its return.

The Ka Valungu song streams have been reported by Sportify to have skyrocketed to 100%, jumping up by almost 80%. This has led to the song being taken down after it was released without consultation with Teanet’s family.

The Sowetan Live has reported that “youngsters between the ages of 28 and 34 are leading the Ka Valungu movement, making up to 28% of his listenership, followed by those aged between 35 and 44 at 24%, with those “between ages 23 and 27 accounting to 19% of the listenership and ages 18 to 22 making up 14%.” Those who are 44 to 60 year make up 12% of the listenership.

The Ka Valungu remix resurfaces at a time when the Mzansi is celebrating Tyler ICU’s Mnike success, dubbing it as a song that might potentially replace Mgarembe’s Sister Betina classic.

Mnike, has gone as far as reaching the international level with celebrities such as Kandi Bruss and Wiz Khalifa seen jamming to it.

Even though it might be too soon to tell, Ka Valungu remix promises to be one of the songs Mzansi will remember for many years as it is more inclusive, giving the late Peta Teanet’s music lovers more to reminisce about.A

After the song was taken down, it has now been released without the Original vocals of the late Shangaan Disco King and it doesn’t sound like the other version. This brings up questions of whether Tebza and Nomza tried to negotiate with the family.

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