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Estranged wife of Drip Footwear boss arrested for conspiracy to commit murder

The estranged wife of Footwear brand Drip boss Lekau Sehoana was arrested at her home in Waterfall Country Estates last night following allegations of extortion and conspiracy to commit murder.

It is understood that police nabbed Lebogang Sehoana after the businessman opened cases against her claiming that he had to flee to Paris, France for his safety after his estranged wife allegedly hired hitmen to kill him.

This allegedly culminated amid a fight for shares in his footwear empire, which Lebogang claims to have help started while they were still together.

Lebogang was arrested on Friday at her home and will spend the weekend at the Silverton police holding cells. She is set to appear at the Pretoria magistrate’s court on Monday on charges of extortion and conspiracy to commit murder.

Police spokesperson Mavela Masondo was not immediately available for comment by the time of publishing. Sunday World has seen a confession statement deposed at the police station by an alleged hitman who put Lebogang at the centre of a plot to murder the businessman. The hitman stated that he was roped in by his accomplice from Diepsloot township in November 2021 that they were needed to carry out the hit.

The statement read: “On the same day later (name withheld) came with a lady driving in a black BMW X4 and we entered at the back seat and (name withheld) introduced her as Lebogang, the owner of Drip Footwear and that the lady is offering us an amount of one million and two hundred thousand (R1.2m) if we can be successful for killing her husband known as Lekau Freddy Sehoana.”

In the chilling statement, the hitman said that he agreed to be part of the job and asked for a down payment of R200 000 for him and his accomplice.

The photos of the husband was sent to us, Lebogang then told us that the money is not a problem but we have to give her four days so that she can be able to withdraw fifty thousands each day and requested that during our next meeting we should sell her a cocked firearm to protect herself.

The hit was allegedly not carried out as the businessman was tipped and a case was opened. The police were allegedly in and out of Lebogang’s estate in the last three weeks but could not trace her.

In April, Sunday World reported that a war had broken out between Lekau and Lebogang over the ownership and shares of his businesses forcing him to open another case of extortion against her at the Midrand police station.

Lebogang also allegedly tried to get the businessman arrested when she unleashed the police on him about two weeks after he cocked a snook at her demands to give her 50% shares of the company.

Gauteng Police confirmed that the case of extortion was under investigation at the time. “We can confirm that a case of extortion has been opened at Pretoria Central Police and the investigation is underway,” Masondo said.

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