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Papa Penny at loggerheads with producers of his reality TV show

Papa Penny is reportedly having money issues with the producers of his reality TV show and was said to be demanding to be paid more.

Famous for his music and eccentric style, Eric Kulani Giyani Nkovani, better known as Papa Penny, the “Shangaan Disco King” was recently said to be at loggerheads with the company that has been producing his reality TV show Papa Penny Ahee and reportedly accused SeMamo Productions for taking advantage of him and his family members who feature part of the cast to the show, ZiMoja reported.


The reality show that aired on Mzansi Magic, documented the colourful life of the legendary Tsonga disco king’s life as a son, community leader, musician, polygamist, a father of over 24 children was said to have been recently canned after airing four seasons due to financial disagreements.

According to the publication, the musician said his entire family had not being paid by the producers until season three. He reportedly also added that his mother Kokwana had died in season four and passed away without seeing a cent from the production company for her participation in the show.

Papa Penny was quoted as saying,

Everything happens for a reason. People love Penny Penny and the family. They want to see us on TV but those people exploited me. They paid me R300 000 for season one and the same for season two. Then we negotiated that they give me R400 000 for seasons three and four.

They did not include money for my VAT and when my auditor realised that I approached them to pay the VAT because I was unaware that it was not included, they refused.”


In December 2021, the news of Papa Penny’s mother made headlines.

According to Zalebs, entertainment commentator Phil Phela had also reported that Papa Penny’s show had been renewed for its fifth season, which was set to air in 2022.

In 2019, Papa Penny made headlines once more after news broke about his 23-year-old stepson at the time, Nicholas’ alleged successful suicide, The Sowetan reported.

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