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Slain teenager to be laid to rest

It is alleged that the two teenage girls were given a lift by white loading van from Mtititi village to Mninginisi block 02 on the outskirts of Giyani, on Saturday, 3 September- When the driver got to Mninginisi block 02, and passed the village driving at a higher speed.

He then turned onto D3910 Thomo -khakhala road and kept driving at a higher speed, police said.

The two victims decided to jump off and they were both injured. They were found lying next to the road by other motorists who informed the police about the incident.

By the time the police got to the scene, one was in critical condition. Emergency personnel were called to the scene, and both victims were taken to hospital for medical attention.

Upon their arrival in hospital, Ntwanano Hlungwani (16) from Mtititi (Alten) succumbed to her injuries”, added Constable Rikhotso.

Ntwanano will be laid to rest on Saturday at Mtititi (Alten) village on the outskirts of Malamulele.

Source: Giyani View

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