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A Closer Look At How Tsonga Weddings Were Celebrated

In South Africa, we have Vatsonga Nation, a tribe which prides itself with their bright colors. Even their Lobola and Wedding celebrations are customized with those beautiful colors which you can find in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and some other parts of Gauteng.

Like any other culture in South Africa, Lobola is a process which starts the African marriage process and is something that is common in all African cultures in the Motherland (or at least most of them). The processes have a lot in common, with variations that separate the different cultures in South Africa.

Back in the days, 2 Tsonga families that liked each other would sit down and talk about the possibilities of their children getting married and this process gave birth to beautiful families that we see today. Nowadays, things have changed for the Tsonga Community and other tribes that have left the rural areas and have found homes in City of Gold, Johannesburg (Gauteng).

In the modern times, we can’t hear of those families who would bring together their children for marriage. These days, a man and a woman have to like each other, date and the guy has to express the intention to pay lobola or get married to the woman. Once that intention is made, a date will be set for when the guys family will go to the woman’s family and pay lobola.

After Lobola has been paid, the couple will then start planning a wedding celebration where a Pastor will be invited to come and bless the family. Below are some of the pictures which portray the beauty of getting married while mixing the African colors and European Colors.

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