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Miss SA Ndavi Nokeri on her first meal after winning, homecoming dish

Ndavi Nokeri shares insight into the food she loves

Ndavi Nokeri last weekend became the first Tsonga woman from Gabaza in Limpopo to take the Miss SA crown. Hilary Biller discovers her food tastes are simple and feature the love of the tropical fruits for which the area is famous.

After your great win and the excitement, what was the first thing you recall eating after scooping the crown? 

I got back to the suite at midnight and was soooo hungry after being on stage for the night, so my parents got me a burger, so the first thing I ate after my crowning was a burger!

Limpopo is a beautiful part of the country, with fertile and rich soil  producing among the country’s best produce. Do you think this may contribute to your glowing and good health?

It is a beautiful place, both tropical and fertile, and we are blessed and spoilt for choice with the fruit available. I particularly love avocado  and mangoes, these are my favourites. Growing up we always had fruit in the house and when I wanted to snack I grabbed a fruit and this has been keeping me healthy.

Are you a keen cook and, if so, what is your speciality dish?

I love and enjoy mince, so one fav meal to make is spaghetti with mince with a bit of cheese.

I know you are planning a trip home to celebrate your win with the community. What dish from the area do you believe will be central to your homecoming festivities?

In Limpopo we enjoy pap and seshebo with any meat and morogo (spinach), or another traditional morogo. I’m excited to see what meal it will be at the homecoming, it’s going to be a beautiful day.

Who has been the biggest food influence in your life and what is the dish they make that warms you heart?

It has to be my mom because she’s made me the most meals in my life. I always miss pap and masontja (mopane worms); she makes it the best and when I go home she makes it for me on my first night. It must be that extra love she puts into the dish that makes it so good.

On a busy day, what snack do you crave the most?

I have a thing for dried snacks so it will be dried mango or guava because they are amazing, then biltong, Droëwors or biltong chilli-bite stick. And before bed a cup of hot chocolate to seal the day.

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