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Tomato production started from small beginnings on farm in Giyani

In January this year, she and her husband, Worship Makamba, converted her late father’s land lying dry, into a farm when they laid irrigation.

A man who used his savings to start a farm on his wife’s late father’s land only six months ago now employs thirteen people. Gavaza Princess Ritshuri told the Herald that she was born and raised in Maphata village outside Giyani. “Our farm is called Tinyiko Agricultural Coorperative and was turned into a proper business this year in January.” She said because her husband used his savings to start up the farm, he is also considered the owner.

The farm has thirteen employees, six males, and seven females. “We witnessed that there was a high unemployment rate among young people in our village. This motivated us to turn the land into a farm and try to create jobs.” She said their decision was also motivated by the fact that agriculture is one of the contributing sectors to the country’s economy. “By doing that we are creating jobs for our village people,” she added.

In April, they planted eight hectares of tomatoes which they are now harvesting, and in June, they produced four hectares of watermelons which will be harvested in September. “We have a lot of tomatoes. We are hoping that we are able to provide our customers with enough produce and do not run out,” she said. Gavaza also said that farming contributes to food security.

Sellers of fresh produce load their bakkies with fresh produce and resell in town and on markets giving everyone access to food.” Contact Gavaza at 073 225 6319.

Source: Letaba Herald

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