Limpopo man severely assaulted by Tembisa cops

A man from Limpopo Sigwavhulimu Ntuwiseni Lawrence was severely assaulted by Rabie Ridge cops in Tembisa.

Mr Sigwavhulimu is from Madimbo outside Musina town in Limpopo. He claimed that he was walking in the streets of Tembisa Township in Gauteng while four police arrested him and detained him at Rabie Ridge Police station. He said that he was locked with some suspects who were arrested for drunk and driving.

He said at the station he met a certain cop who was speaking Tshivenda language known as Mukwevho. The man said he was not charged for committing any offense. Instead he was paper sprayed and locked at the holding cells and severely torched by cops. He was also forced to do push ups, squatting while he was poured with cold water. He was also shot with rubber bullets.

The man said that he ran away through the window of the holding cells. Upon seeing that the man is running away the police threw him with paving bricks and the man tried to threw stones back to the police.

Along the process the man’s leg was broken and his eye was damaged. He went to the doctor who confirmed that he will no longer be able to see as the eye was damaged. He is unable to go to work after the incident. The man was interviewed on Phalaphala FM on the programme known as Tshiko.

The police have not yet responded on the matter. Mr Sigwavhulimu now feels that his human rights were violated by the law officials and he is now looking for a lawyer who can assist him with legal processes. He can be contacted at 076 294 0278.

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