1. Early life

Mayor Cllr Moses Maluleke (affectionately known as Big-Moss) was born and bred at Xikundu (Xifaxani) village under Collins CHABANE Local Municipality in Vhembe District on the 19th of April 1966.

2. Educational background

Primary and secondary education

When he came of age, he started schooling at Mayeke Higher Primary School before he proceeded to Xikundu Secondary school.

He became Actively involved in advancing the interests of the students and that is where he went through the ranks of COSAS.

Tertiary education

After completing his matric in 1985, he went to Tivumbeni College of Education to further his academic studies in pursuance of a Teacher’s Diploma.

During his tenure at the college, and as a student activist, he joined the South African Student Congress (SASCO) which was involved in the transformation on institutions of higher learning.

He fully participated in students’ activities of various kinds in a radically and militant manner including but not limited to students’ protests, boycotts and marches against the financial and academic exclusions of students. SASCO forwarded him to serve as a deputy secretary of the students Representative council (SRC) from 1987 to 1988

As a student activist, he also participated in the heightened campaign to overthrow the Gazankulu government.

His lifelong passion and quest for education is confirmed by impeccable academic achievements he has since attained in broadening his intellectual horizon.

He managed to obtain the following qualifications :

Secondary Teacher’s Diploma (STD) obtained from Tivumbeni College of Education.

Advanced Certificate in Teaching obtained from the University of Pretoria.

Honors Degree in Education Management obtained from the University of Pretoria.

He was pursuing his master’s Degree in public Management with the University of Venda.

3. Work Experience

His first entry into the job market was in 1989 when he was appointed as an Educator at the following schools:

– Jim Chavani High school.
– Xikundu High School where he later was appointed as a Deputy Principal.

He was instrumental in the establishment of the South African Democratic Teachers’ Unions (SADTU), one of the progressive affiliates of COSATU where he also served as a shop steward.

He was one of the key activists to establish the Gazankulu Democratic Teachers’ Association (GDTA) which proceeded the formation of the National Education Union of South Africa (NEUSA).

He played a pivotal role in unity talks with other progressive unions which culminated in the formation of SADTU.

4. Political Activism

During the advent of 1980s uprising and the brutal suppression of the liberation movements made him to identity himself with the glorious movement of the African National congress (ANC).

He heeded the clarion call by the ANC president General Oliver Reginald Tambo to render the apartheid system unworkable and the racist South African ungovernable.

The brutality of the vicious apartheid forces did not stop them to understand quite well the joining the liberation struggle was about nothing but sacrifice and selfless service to the broader revolutionary movement.

He was part of the few Young lions who founded the Malamulele Youth Congress (MAYO) then affiliate of the South African Youth congress (SAYC).

As such, his political Activism couldn’t not escape the brutality and callous harassment of the Gazankulu Security Forces.

After the unbanning of the political parties on 1990, he became one of the key activists to reestablish and relaunching of the ANC structures at his home village and the surrounding villages.

He became one of the key activists in the rebuilding of ANC structures internally.

In his endeavor to broaden his political Activism he joined the South African Communist Party (SACP) where he also held various positions of responsibility that shaped and advanced the National Democratic Revolution hence he was instrumental in the establishment of the South African National Civic Organization (SANCO).

He was part of the collective leadership of the first launched ANCYL branch.

He participated in many ANC and Alliance activities and led in the ANC in various capacities including being the longest serving chairperson of the Xikundu ANC Branch for more than 2 decades from early 1990s to 2016.

From 2016 to 2018, he served as the ANC Sub regional Treasurer.

He was elected as Deputy Secretary the ANC Vhembe Region for two consecutive terms including the current term.

5. Community involvement.

As a community development activist, he was instrumental in the establishment of Xikundu Development Forum where he became the chairperson and later as a secretary and that made him to part of those that championed the establishment of Malamulele Mall.

6. Local Government

After 2016 Local Government Elections, Cde Big Moss was deployed as the ANC public Representative (Cllr) in Collins Chabane Local Municipality and also in Vhembe District Municipality.

He was later deployed as a mayor of Collins Chabane Local Municipality until when he met his ultimately death.

He was able through his leadership and relentless efforts to stabilized the volatile situation in Vuwani area by conducting extensive engagements with the Pro-Makhado group.

He played a crucial role in building fraternal relations with the leadership of the ANC. He always had a steady hand, and was imbued with the skill and wisdom to handle delicate situations with tact and due sensitivity.

He made a monumental contribution to peace, and building a new democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa.

His untiring service and the quality of his scholarship shall forever remain as monuments. He is indeed one of those eminent citizens whose who immensely contributed in building a better South Africa.

We pay tribute to Mayor Moses Maluleke for a life well-lived, and thank him and his family for a sterling contribution to the Collins Chabane Municipality and the society at large.

We must build on the rich and lasting legacy of peace and economic development he has bequeathed to us.

We convey our deepest condolences to his family, May his Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

Etlelani hi ku rhula Mun’wanati, Dumela, vadyivabhangu, va ka Xibabela tsurini, macimba ya tihuku, a ya lema rihlelo,va ka mafula hi xivuri va tshika nyudzu, Mayeke-N’wanati-Maluleke.

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