Meet The High Flying Elizabeth Serunye From Skeem Saam

Elizabeth Serunye is an actress and voice over artist best known for playing Principal Thobakgalea in Skeem Saam.

Elizabeth got her breakthrough in 2006 with a role in Soul City. She has also appeared on Home Affairs, City Sesla, Death of a Queen, Africa United and Skin.

Elizabeth Serunye was a lead singer in her school choir. After high school she however decided to pursue acting career getting her breakthrough on Soul City in 2005-2006.

One actress we believe deserves more recognition than she actually gets is Elizabeth Serunye. Before pursuing a career in acting, Elizabeth was a lead singer in her high school choir. There was a time when she worked at a supermarket to make ends meet.

Born in 1971 in the Limpopo province.She has a special passion for music, especially Gospel Music, it all started back in her highschool days where she was a lead vocalist for the school choir. She is currently singing with the Exaltation Gospel Choir.

Elizabeth started her acting acting career in the early 90s, but she wasn’t having it easy and ended up working as a cashier at Supermarket. She got her big break in 2005-2006 and ever since then, she has never looked back.

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