Initiates returned safe from initiation school in Limpopo.

After three weeks of surviving in the bush, thousands of young boys returned from initiation schools over the weekend.

Thousands of young boys surviving three weeks of initiation schools returned to their families over the weekend. Initiation schools are a tradition in African culture whereby young boys are taken into the veld to be taught to be “men”. This African cultural practice marks the passage of young men to adulthood.

The exact events of what transpired at the school remain within the group. Boys are however circumcised during the time. Initiation schools are traditionally for boys from 12 years and older, but it is known that younger boys are also accepted. Parents pay about Thousands of Rands for their children to attend the initiation school. This year marked the first initiations in two years after the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Limpopo, Contralesa approved 723 initiation schools for 2022. This year’s project was successful in all parts of Limpopo (Tzaneen, Phalaborwa, Giyani, Malamulele, Venda and Polokwane) among other places.

Parents attended the ceremonies all over the Province celebrating their sons’ homecoming in their numbers, many wearing traditional attire.

Parents were very happy to see their children returning from the mountain safe and sound. It shows that they were well taken care of, except for the incident which happened in Bolobedu, with one Initiate who lost his life due to to complications since he was under-age and had Epilepsy according to the reports.

It was a joyous week for many in the northern part of the Motherland. We thank God for keeping them alive and well.

If you have missed out, check their pictures below:

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