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Mama Beka feeds families living in abject poverty

Former DJ at SABC Mughana Lonene Fm, Mama Beka Tsan’wisi through her foundation continues to help families living in abject poverty.

Mama Beka foundation working in conjunction with North pole trading on Wednesday donated food parcels to families living in abject poverty at Nkuri village outside Giyani.

Mama Beka said that it was a great privilege to offer words of encouragement and support to the families we visited [today].

We may not solve all the problems today, but we are certainly on the right track for a better future. No matter where you come from, always know that there is always HOPE“.

According to Mama Beka the families they have visited were identified by home based care representatives.

She also thanked Ndhuna Shirilele for having honoured the day with his presence and accompanying them to the identified families.

Source: Giyani View

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