This How Much Money Mac G Is Making From YouTube With His Podcast

It’s no secret that Mac G has Mzansi’s largest entertainment-focused YouTube channel. The former broadcaster who is now a podcaster receives hundreds of thousands or even millions of weekly views on his channel.

Many people are now wondering how much money he is making from YouTube and whether or not it is even possible.

An American website called Social Blade tracks social media analytics and statistics. Among other social media platforms, Social Blade most prominently monitors YouTube.

Without taking into account sponsorships and partnerships, Mac G reportedly earns around R322 000 per month on YouTube from AdSense.

His annual income from YouTube is about R3.8 million. The social blade website is not always accurate.

Before the end of the year, Mac G might have a million subscribers, up from his current 700,000.

Additionally, he has a chiller Market and a Patreon, both of which have the potential to bring in a sizable sum of money. Additionally, he DJs on the weekends and is frequently booked.

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