The Last Phase of Initiation Schools in Limpopo has Passed

Many parents sent their boys to the initiation schools in Limpopo this year and this was evident about the number of initiatives where some have reached more than a thousand initiates in one school.

These were amid a two year break since the break of COVID-19 all over the world that crippled even the world’s most promising and developing countries like the Motherland, South Africa.

Parents are getting ready to welcome back their initiates this weekend from Friday 15 July. The much awaited one around Bolobedu is the mighty Tshwale Initiation at Mpepule Village which has the biggest number of initiates and have a history and good record with no death at their initiation.

This Friday we are going to witness the biggest initiation celebrations around Tzaneen area, symbolising the end of era for young boys welcomed into menhood. Our sister Radio station Balobedu FM will bring a blow by blow of the celebration ceremony at Mpepule Village in Bolobedu.

Source: Open Waves Radio

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