Mayor Gerson Molapisane has commended the progress and the quality of work on five road-upgrading projects he visited today. Mayor Molapisane however pleaded with contractors to speed up the work to meet the deadlines and give residents access to the newly upgraded roads. Mayor Molapisane visited Mandlakazi, N’wamitwa, Nkambako, Mulati, and Pharare where multimillion-rand projects are currently underway.

Molapisane said that “Our” people are yearning for service delivery and cannot wait any longer for the projects to be finalized. “We need to work fast to complete this project so that residents can use it,” said the Mayor in Pharare.

During the oversight visits, stakeholders and community members interacted with the Mayor and his delegation which comprised the Speaker, the Whip of Council, EXCO members, and other officials of the municipality. In response to the challenges raised, the mayor said that various committees involved in the projects will convene to attend to the challenges.

The mayor conceded that the state of rural roads we bad and motorists were being penalized for driving unroadworthy vehicles. “How can their vehicles be roadworthy if the roads are notroadworthy”. Said the Mayor.

Mayor Molapisane said, “It is important that we come here and verify whether what we are told is happening here is indeed happening.

Speaking on behalf of the Project Steering Committee(PSC) of the Mulati Acces Road, and the Mulati Development Forum, Difference Nkhwashu said “We are very happy with how things are being done here and we believe that this road will be completed before the end of this year.”

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