From Tik Tok to the music industry

By Winnie Mapula Shokane

Cyria Tshipetana, known to her fans as Cyria the community is a South African singer and a famous Tik Toker. Born and raised in Hamutsha Village outside Thohoyandou, Limpopo. She is best known for her funny Tik Tok videos.

Cyria the community is a second born from the family of 6 where she was raised by a single parent. This phenomenal rising star started her journey in the entertainment industry in 2020 when the president announced the first country’s lockdown.

2020 was the year largely without concerts and many shared experiences around the entertainment industry; and Cyria recorded her first tiktok video that reached more than Ten thousand likes in less than a week and it went viral on social media and that is where she became ubiquitous to the entertainment world.

From that time Cyria has received critical love but maintained a pretty low profile as she was in no rush, “she said” Cyria the community who is now a famous Tik Toker with more than 100 000 likes; she is also a qualified Chef to Mix organic products at Glow skin care by Rendy where is also a brand ambassador in Thohoyandou.

During our interview with her; this raising star said her journey did not end in Tik Tok as she has now escalated to the music industry.

“I started my journey in the music around June 2020 after I have noticed that I have too much followers who always ask me to sing for them, but overall I knew it was important to get that specific song out first to properly introduce myself and I wrote the song “Madekudeku” and I’m just thankful that everybody liked it, “she said”

Cyria the community kept her releases precious but powerful, gracefully confirming herself as one of the most compelling artists of the now in Venda. As such, her debut album “Sihamba Ngo Line” is highly anticipated and will be released this month; and will continue to spread Cyria’s message of love and unity. Cyria also confirmed that she signed Under Rho Thakgala Music Production and she will be shooting the music video of “Sihamba Ngo Line” very soon.

On the 4 th of September 2021 Cyria the community will be hosting “The Next Amazing Limpopo Voice” alongside Makhadzi, Prince Benza and Candy Tsamandebele.

“I’m in the early stages of a new project, patiently finding the shape that my next self will take” said Cyria the community; my reluctant attitude toward fame, eye for elevated visuals, and understated authenticity characterize an artist bound for cultural significance and art anchored by instinct “she added” as we conclude.

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