N’wamitwa Innovative Business Shower

Articulated by Winny Shokane

Starting and running a business can be both challenging and rewarding.

Everyone has at least one idea that could be turned into a viable business. The idea sparks something inside of us and ignites this little frenzy of passion which is difficult for some to ignore. When we feel this spark start to smolder in that passion part of our being, we do one or two things; we either act on it or we let the spark sizzle until it dies. The reason being lack of support and resources.

If you are the type of person who can’t ignore the spark, you might wonder, “What is my next step?”

You could be met with some hesitation or fear – that is completely normal. However, to be truly successful and unstoppable, we must be able to turn our fear off. Throw caution to the wind and lead with our passion center.

Starting a business is not for the faint hearted. But if you are ready to turn your idea into reality, Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey that will forever change your life. From overcoming challenges to landing your first client and actively managing risks.

The N’wamitwa Innovative Business Shower is an organization found by Jabulani Mkhawana (well known as Wiz of Mkhawana’s kitchen), Winny Shokane (well known as Lady Writer of Sisterhood modeling agency), Madala Ndzhovela of Emakaleni Social Café and Phefulani Ngomani of L & P Computer Academy.

This organization was found specifically for individuals who want to showcase their business, brands and starting new businesses. Open to all businesses and anyone who wants to start a business. This event is for all entrepreneurs who own a business or still want to start from scratch and want to network with other business-oriented individuals.

This organization will consist of Networking, Mingling, Learning and Showering each other with startup business materials. Business showers are a novel idea, so there isn’t prescribed etiquette to determine how and when to throw a business shower. But since we’ve been to more baby/bridal showers than we’d care to remember, we know that showers usually involve people, gifts, shows of support, and silly games.

Recipients usually register for the gifts because in this case, it’s the utility, not the thought that counts. So how can we make that work for a business shower?

What does having a baby shower have to do with businesses? Having a business is nothing like having a baby. Right? Well, in fact, they are similar in a lot of ways. There’s a reason many parents see having a child as a long-term investment and a full-time job. Similar to mothers, Entrepreneurs awe-like euphoria at the start of creating a business. But as expenses pile up and growing pains begin, it becomes a little bit less awe-inspiring and a little bit more of a job.

Starting a business takes nurturing, patience and time if you want to see it grow. Much like a baby, it will push you to your limits. Despite the hardships, watching a business or a baby grow is beyond rewarding.

Unlike some other jobs, owning a business is something you have to love doing. Much like the early years of childhood or puberty for a teen, businesses have difficult periods.

Abandoning a business – like abandoning a baby – is not an option for success. Perhaps I’m getting too hyperbolic. I digress.

Our first business shower event will be held a@

Emakaleni Social Café
24th July 2021

For more information about the project, kindly Contact:

Winny Shokane @ 060 847 8326
Phefulani Ngomane @ 079 701 4281

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