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Mavele Village Born Making A Name For Herself On Tik-Tok

Shapean Trella Mongwe who is affectionately known as Mhani Nurse to her followers mimics the treatment people get in South African public clinics.

Her videos are viewed and downloaded by thousands of Tik-Tok users. The 25-year-old from Mavele village told Herald that her videos were inspired by what she experienced and other people’s experiences.

“I remember one day I accompanied someone close to me for family planning, she was humiliated and the nurse she was consulting with told the nurse in the next room that a 17-year-old was there for family planning,” she said.

Mhani Nurse said the way those nurses engaged on the matter was an utter shock to her.

Her videos raise awareness and send a strong message that nurses at public clinics should do better. In one of her videos, she portrays a nurse who did not show compassion or privacy to her patients.

The “nurse” told her patients that those living with HIV/Aids should make a queue and she would call them.

One person was shy to join the queue. In the video she can be heard telling the patient that she should be on lunch why didn’t they come the time she was calling HIV positive patients.

“I should be having my lunch now, you heard me calling HIV/Aids patients but you just remained seated,” she said in the video.

Her videos are followed by people of all ages.

“Some of my fans have been requesting me to make more videos for them some even Inbox and share their experience with me on how they were treated and ask me to make a video about it because they want such behavior to stop.

I have so many requests,” she said.

She also told Herald that people have been applauding her for keeping it real.

“People have been receiving my videos with love and appreciation, they can relate.
People living with HIV/Aids also complement my work and it excites me to see them not being offended but agreeing they receive such treatment,” she said.

After matriculating at Sevengwana High School she enrolled for a diploma in Finance at Richfield college.

“Growing up I wanted to be a nurse or a paramedic, I was inspired by my grandmother who was also a nurse.

“I ended up being something else due to circumstances, I still wish I can achieve my dreams,” she said.

She also aspires to be an actress. She is currently unemployed and records these videos as a way of keeping herself busy.

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Source: Letaba Herald

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