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DJ Sbu on how he lost his wealth living to impress people – This Video will change your life

Media personality turned businessman DJ Sbu has shared how he lost everything trying to impress friends.

In all of this he blamed bad financial decisions including buying expensive alcohol, expensive sports cars and expensive clothes. But now he’s a changed man.

In a video clip he said: “Don’t spend yourself poor trying to look rich. Learn from people like me. Don’t make the same mistakes as I did. I made those mistakes buying expensive booze, expensive sports cars, expensive clothes, going out a lot, trying to impress friends.

“That really messed me up because it was my regular and normal lifestyle. And then I lost it all. I had to press the restart button and start all over again. Now I’m making smarter financial decisions.

“We’ve all been disturbed by lockdown. Our finances are struggling. I’m a parent now. I have a daughter and I have to think about her future, I have to think about her education, I have to think about my own future as well. “Right now I am making smarter decisions. I don’t want you to make the mistake of trying to impress strangers on social media. Don’t let social media put you under pressure. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Be smart with your financial decisions.”

In a caption, he wrote: “It’s important to make sure that even if you lose a job or a gig or a business, you have managed your money in a responsible way to see you and your family through. It is never too late to start good habits. Remember you have a family to feed, not a community to impress. Control your spending before your spending controls you.”

The clip served as motivation for both his colleagues and his Instagram fans.


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Musician Nomcebo Zikode commented: “Well said. I need to share this. I believe it’s going to help a lot of people. People can really put you under pressure and if you are not strong enough, woe unto you. Thank you for reminding me this.”

Musician Candy Tsa Mandebele commented: “Thanks for the beautiful words.”

Instagram user Cameroon Dave said: “I was about to go buy an apple watch, but now I’m thinking twice.”

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