Full Story On Why Vusi Kunene Is Taking A Break From Generations: The Legacy!

After five years on Generations: The Legacy, Vusi Kunene is taking a break from the show. Kunene’s villainous character, Jack Mabaso, makes his thrilling exit on Wednesday, 12 May!

“I’ve always had a serious passion for Jack”, says Vusi Kunene. “He is the most popular character I have ever played and bringing him to life has been a pleasure. I’m really going to miss everyone because Generations is like a family.”

Vusi Kunene continues to say: “It’s not one person’s work, it’s all our work. We all pull together and that’s what makes it so special.”

Generations: The Legacy Producer, Karen Vundla says: “Vusi Kunene is one of South Africa’s most talented actors and it has been a privilege for us to enjoy a long history with him. We are incredibly sad to see him go but we wish him all the best in the new projects he chooses to pursue.”

Vusi Kunene’s character Jack Mabaso’s exit will air on Wednesday, 12 May when a long-standing bitter rivalry comes to a bloody head.

According to TVSA, Vusi Kunene was born in Meadowlands, north of Soweto in Johannesburg, on April 12th, 1966. He was actually born on Friday the 13th, but one of the nurses thought this was bad luck and changed it to the 12th.

Vusi Kunene discovered his acting abilities at the Shell Road to Fame School of the Arts, which was set up to assist contestants in preparation for the auditions.

In 1991 Vusi Kunene decided to pursue acting as a career and registered at the Wits School of Drama, for a Degree in Dramatic Art. There he got the opportunity to perform in numerous student stage dramas, including The Hill, where he was spotted by his future agent Moonyeenn Lee.

Don’t miss Generations: The Legacy, weekdays at 8PM on SABC 1.

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