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Nelson Mandela’s look alike lives South Africans in shock

It is not everyday that you come across something that leaves the whole country in disbelief, many social media users were left mind blown by pictures which were recently posted.

Lately people have been stressed about the pandemic and the possibility of us facing a third wave of the COVID-19 virus, because of that reason many people needed to keep their minds off things.

A Twitter user left many speechless after posting a picture and captioned “Mandela came back from heaven”. The user posted a picture of an old man from Limpopo who resembles the late Mandela a lot, you could have sworn that he came back from the dead.

Although we came across several people who looks like Mandela in the past, this one really takes the trophy. Many people were left speechless and some even took pictures with him, the old man isn’t just a Mandela look-alike but he really looks like him and its like the late South African first black president had an identical twin brother.

People on social media been expressing different kinds of emotions on social media, as they say the late Nelson Mandela will remain a legend he’s gone but not forgotten.


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