Mzansi left in shock after a video of a man caught with a huge snake in Johannesburg surfaces

It looks like we now have our very own Ginimbi here in South Africa after a man was caught roaming around the streets of Johannesburg with a huge snake on top of his luxurious car. The video has been trending on Twitter since it was shared. Mzansi was left in wondering if could this be our very own Ginimbi?

After the tragic death of the Zimbabwean born businessman, the public accused him of having snakes even though they did not have evidence to back up their claims. The video that has been trending on Twitter shows a man dressed in a Zulu attire enjoying the breeze of Johannesburg until his snake decided to climb on top of the car.

It seems he never wanted people to see the snake but it thought otherwise by climbing on top of the luxurious car and people could see it. The snake almost caused a scene as he was trying to bring it back to car and they took a video of him.

By looking at the luxurious car the Zulu man was driving, people didn’t see the snake as a part but saw it as the means of his wealth. Many people who watched the video believe that the snake serves a different purpose which is to enrich the man.

Watch the video below:

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