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Gauteng off-duty Cop rescues victims of head-on-collision in Giyani

By Mr Lee

Gauteng based Sergeant Lawrence ‘Makua’ Rhangani is still in shock as a result of a head-on collision he witnessed on 2 April at Bode Village at approximately 16:00.

The Off-Duty Officer, a resident of Gandlanani village in Malamulele, Limpopo Province was going home for the Easter holidays with his wife and children, when he witnessed a frontal collision between Hyundai Creta and Toyota Aygo.

The Hyundai Creta, with a male and a female occupants, had just passed Rhangani’s car, when all of a sudden, a head-on- collision occurred ahead of him.

The other car was occupied by a woman and a man as well. The visibly shaking Rhangani was the first person to arrive at the scene to help the victims while other motorists apparently took videos.

“I immediately stopped, called the ambulance and went to the vehicles to remove the stuck occupants because I was afraid the vehicles would explode. On our way we passed two cars on fire, so I thought about this,” said a shocked Rhangani.

Rhangani said he was not trained in CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation), however, he did the best he could. He said upon arrival of the paramedics, he tried to point out to them who needed attention first.

“All they did was ignore me and deal with the two occupants of the Toyota Aygo. This hurts because the Hyundai driver died while I was looking at him. Maybe he would still be alive if they listened to me,” he said.
Bottles of alcohol were found in another vehicle.

“The deceased failed to observe when he overtook us. Although we did find alcohol in the other car, it was the deceased’s fault,” Mr Rhangani told our sister paper, Alex Reporter.

Three occupants were seriously injured and were taken to a nearby hospital.

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Sourced from Alex Reporter

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