Video: Drunk slay queens leaves Mzansi speechless as they start praying in tongues during a party

A video of slay queens having a good time live many in shock. The video has been shared in many social media platforms and it leaves Mzansi divided. People don’t know whether the video is real or its just a joke, these slay queens are caught in a party very drunk and starts to pray, speaking in tongues in the middle of the party as they seem to be heavily wasted.

The shocking video shows these slay Queens praying hard while they are heavily drinking bottles of whiskeys. We could see many bottles of alcohol and dilutions on top of the table and it seem like they are having the time of their lives.

People related this video of drunk slay Queens with how Jesus turned water into wine, however didn’t agree as they said that was definitely not how Jesus turned water into wine.

Watch the video below:

Some they did not see anything wrong as they felt that these slay queens were just having a good time, while many made fun of them as they said that they were praying while doing sinful things.

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