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The story behind Sho Madjozi “Shahumba” music video

After the release of What a Life in late 2020, Sho Madjozi continues to dominate the New Year with a new video titled ‘Shahumba’ featuring the Legendary Xitsonga Traditional Music Pioneer Dr Thomas Hasani Chauke.

‘Shahumba’ tells a story of a young girl navigating life in her hometown and the special relationship she has with her father, who has influenced her musically.

Having contributed immensely to the development of the Xitsonga language, it is only fitting that Dr. Chauke features in this reflective video as Madjozi is a proudly Tsonga woman who has made it her mission to always pay homage to her culture in her music.

“I felt privileged to be in the studio with the big Dr Thomas Chauke. We were working and creating and combining our sounds. And the moment really hit me right after we were done with the rhythm.

“The fact that I am there is a dream come true. He asked me what I want to sing about and I told him I wanted to sing about how unbelievable it was to have the opportunity to be there working with him. So we sang about where we’ve come from and celebrated where we are now.”

The song and video both work together to encompass a true reflection of Sho Madjozi’s life, how far she has come and how her culture, language, and heritage all play a role in the star she is today.

“Shahumba is about our journeys as two musicians from rural Limpopo who have been able to achieve our dreams despite the challenges. I admire Dr Thomas Chauke so much, so we decided to tell it as a gentle story about a father and his daughter. It’s a great and comforting video of victory.”

Remaining true to her roots while dominating the music industry internationally, shows how inspirational and exemplary Sho Madjozi is.


Dr. Thomas Chauke is one of the greatest Tsonga artists EVER, he has released 35 albums in his career, over the last 35 years. He has 8 SAMAs (SAMAs are South Africa’s biggest music awards, they are our national awards).

The 8 awards that Dr Thomas Chauke has is by far the most by any Tsonga artist. Dr Thomas Chauke has never been featured by any musician, the reason is widely known to be that he’s apparently extremely expensive and very protective of his work art and he’s also turned down so many offers for collaboration. So when he agreed to feature in Sho Madjozi’s song, her amount of excitement and immense joy was over the roof.


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