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Makhadzi Earns Her Very First Gold Plaque

Makhadzi stays winning! The Murahu hitmaker has secured another career-defining win and is ecstatic about it. One thing about Makhadzi, she stays excelling, so if you thought last year’s wins were epic, this year has a lot in store for her.

Taking to Twitter to announce her recent achievement, Makhadzi expressed how overjoyed she is with excitement as her banger Murahu featuring Mr Brown reached a stellar Gold plaque.

“After 11years of singing I just received my first gold status. Khadzinatorrrrrsss!!! Murahu ft Mr Brown has reach gold as a single…I am speechless and happy at the same…please help me to celebrate , my dream came true vhathu vhanga,” she announced.

Makhadzi has always let us know how hard she works but her performances and stage presence is telling. “I dream big and challenge myself…I rehearsed very had for this live session. I love it very much and I also wish you guys the best in your relationships team is the best.”

She released her debut album Khokhova 4 months ago and is still selling like hotcakes. Her album is the second best album on iTunes, proving that she has a very loyal fanbase. She appreciated her fans for their support and everlasting support, “I appreciate khadzinators very much and everything they do for me …keep on streaming #kokovhaAlbum and more music videos are coming.”

There were murmurs of a missed gig due to label disputes but Makhadzi poured cold water to those claims. “As an upcoming musician, one thing I have learnt, is there are people who are busy planning on how are they going destroy my career, because they know that they can’t stop me from doing what I love. Am saying this because of these lies. I managed to go to Rhythm City and on time.

“To all my fans I know everyone like reading please be ready for this kind of situation, we still have a long way to go we must always be ready for this kind of situation. I love you all,”

She is also one of the 100 most influential South Africans

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