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The truth behind the leaked video of prison warden and inmate finally revealed

The video between a prison warden and inmate that was leaked in the early hours of the morning have left many tongues wagging, many people are still in disbelief that the prison Warden was actually caught on camera in that manner.

The issue of the leaked video continues to be the debate on a social media platforms as social media users fails to understand why the prison Warden would allow herself to be caught on camera. However, some people are claiming that there could a be a possibility that the warden didn’t have any knowledge that the inmate was taking a video while others assume that she was forced to be intimate with the prisoner.

However, on the video it doesn’t look like the Warden was being forced to do anything as she was enjoying every moment of it. That also raises a lot of questions surrounding the female Wardens as the public assumes there are many of them who are getting involved with inmates romantically.

On the video, we all saw the Warden was well aware that she was being recorded, maybe she didn’t think that the video would end up in the wrong hands and get leaked on the internet. The public demands for this issue to be dealt with publicly so they can witness actions being taken against this Warden and some even suggests that the Warden should lose her job.

It seems the law is currently handling the situation as earlier on news24 revealed that the Warden was suspended with immediate effect, however people seems not to think that the punishment is harsh enough as they feel that the warden should be fired or even face a jail sentence.

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