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Meet Makapane Modipa, the richest man in Limpopo

We all dream of actually making it in life. But the only way that you can make it in life is to think bigger and not smaller and associating ourselves with those that will help us get to the top. In Limpopo – Tzaneen, there is a man called Makapane Modipa.

Makapane Modipa is a business Man from Tzaneen. Makapane is the founder and director of company MacP Group, he has been in business for over 28 years.

He seems to be someone who is not very shy to show the world the amount of success he has. Mac P is said to be an entrepreneur, Pilot etc. He has been in the Construction business for more than 28 years and one of the branches of this construction company is based in limpopo – Tzaneen.

Below are some of his fleet and a mansion in the Valley of Tzaneen towards the Bolobedu/ Deerpark Road:

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