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A Plea From Nwamitwa Detainees Forum

A group of angry community members in September 2017 have smashed windows of two vehicles which were inside the premises of Hosi N’wamitwa Residence.

It’s alleged that this group marched to the homestead of Her Majesty – Hosi N’wamitwa demanding to see her. SAPS were called to the scene and after being told the march was illegal, the crowd dispersed peacefully.

Provincial police spokesperson, Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said after few hours, the same community members regrouped and marched towards the same homestead of Hosi N’wamitwa and barricaded the road and started burning tyres and other debris.

So, now the N’wamitwa Detainees Forum emerged after being arrested for allegedly having damaged the Property of Her Royal Highness Hosi N’wamitwa II.

A Plea From Nwamitwa Detainees Forum

In 2017, eleven detainees/accused were standing Trial at the Ritavi Regional Magistrates Court since September 2017. Now their Trial has been moved to Polokwane where it has been scheduled to run for four days from the 9th – 12th March 2021.

Today, they are asking for assistance in terms of transport/accommodation in order not to default in their Trial attendance at Polokwane.

A Plea From Nwamitwa Detainees Forum

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The N’wamitwa Detainees Forum is in this highly demanding situation they find themselves on behalf of N’wamitwa Community and they ask residents to open-up and donate in cash or Transport or accommodation to assist so they can attend this trial.

For more information and assistance, please contact Mr Risiva at 0833535412/ 0836450439

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