Mpumalanga Blesser Takes Back His BMW After Girlfriend Cheated On Him: Video

Judging from the events that have been unfolding in the past few days as heartbroken men are seen taking back their belongings from their ex-lovers, indeed relationships are not meant for everyone. Mzansi men have resorted to demanding back the gifts that they bought for their ex-girlfriends during happier times if videos that have been circulating this week are anything to go by.

In the video that was first published by the local publication, Daily Sun, a bulldozer can be seen demolishing a double-story mansion that was bought by the local businessman for his girlfriend. A lady who goes by the name Jessie on social media posted a disturbing video recently and indicated that the heartbroken businessman hired an excavator to demolish the house he had acquired for his promiscuous better half as she attached the video below.

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Happened this morning, Kamagugu, in Nelspruit, a Man build a house for a lady, he discovered that she is cheating, he then hires an excavator to demolish the house. He said it’s better than killing her, it’s his money after all”, she said.

In a separate incident, another video is showing a heartbroken man from Mpumalanga taking back his BMW E90 from his girlfriend as the crowd is heard jeering in the background.

The man can be seen sitting on the bonnet of a moving vehicle as he desperately tries to stop it. When the vehicle eventually stops he pushes his girlfriend out of the vehicle according to the screenshots below taken from a second leaked video by this publication.

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