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Summary of the President at the State Of The Nation Address

President Cyril Ramaphosa will delivered the State of the Nation Address on 11 February 2021 at 7 pm.

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) is called by the President in terms of Section 42(5) of the Constitution. It is a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament and one of the rare occasions that bring together the three arms of the State under one roof.

SONA provides the President with an opportunity to speak to the nation on the general state of South Africa, to reflect on a wide range of political, economic and social matters within the domestic and global contexts, to account to the nation on the work of Government and to set out Government’s program of action for the coming year. Traditionally, the President makes key Government announcements during this important joint sitting of Parliament.

Below are some of the points outlined by the Honourable President Matamela Ramaphosa:

– We are negotiating to ensure sufficient Quantity of suitable vaccines.
– We must Overcome hunger, poverty and inequality.
– 1.7 Million fewer people were employed in 3rd quarter compared to first.
– We want professional people to run our municipality
– We expect to see a strong recovery in employment by the end of the year.

– Many measures have helped the poor and Business.
– We are here not to make promises but to talk about economic recovery plan.
– Human settlements Project have provided 68 thousands Houses.
– Progress is being made in water infrastructure projects
– He said a commitment to buy local will create Jobs.

– Plan is to reduce our reliance on imports by 20% over the next five years
– We are seeing progress in the poultry industry.
– Auto industry is recovering & ford has Announced a new investment.
– Ford investment will support SMMEs tht makes Auto components.
– We must accelerate implementation of black economic empowerment.

– He said through investment conferences we have received R773 Billion
– The private sector is the Biggest creator of Jobs.
– Public sector will focus on school and social economy.
– Restoring Eskom is central to the work that we have to do.
– We will soon initiate procurement of Additional 11.800 megawatts

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– Eskom will partner with investors to repurpose part of its coal fleet.
– We will begin phased switch off analogue Tv transmitter from match
– Visa reform will attract skills and help revive tourism sector.
– There will be a full rollout of E-visas to china, India and other countries.
– The days of Messing up is over

– An anti- corruption statutory body will report to the parliament.
– Political party funding act comes into effect on the 1st of April.
– Laws have strengthened the criminal justice system to deal with GBV.
– Businesses are still suffering as jobs market slowly recovers.
– Special Covid-19 grant will be extended by 3 Months.

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– We may be tempted to lose faith but we can get through this.

What’s your take on this as a Citizen of South Africa?

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