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R7 500 must be a minimum salary for general workers under these 7 jobs

By Gerald Risiba

Many people are graduates and have qualifications but since our country is faced with unemployment crisis, it is hard to find the suitable job that you qualify for.

Any job is great as long it helps you pay your bills and never go broke. Many citizens work as cleaners and some of them are Security Guards while they hold Degrees and Diplomas but they don’t have any choice because they can’t find work.

These seven jobs below must be given to South Africans and they must earn a minimum wage that can support their family and take their kids to school.

1. Cashier
2. Petrol attendant
3. Cleaner
4. School clerk
5. Domestic worker
6. Security guard
7. Farm workers

The reason behind my opinion is many of these jobs listed above are occupied by foreigners because South Africans are being robbed, and they pay them peanuts. When we talk about a minimum wage, we are referring to income that can take care of you and your family and have some little change to save for your kid’s school or university fees.

It’s just how i assume things should be and 7k is a reasonable fair amount for someone to take home and support their family. There are mothers who are working at schools, cooking for pupils and teachers five days a week but their amount is not that really good. So how about if they were to permanent since they are working for the government and earn almost 7k and above.

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