A young woman making a difference in her underprivileged village

By Gittel Baloyi

N’WAMITWA VILLAGE-Youth unemployment continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing the country. In response to this challenge, a 25-year-old Shenen Rikhotso of N’wamitwa village created jobs and built a sustainable business.

The self-motivated young woman is making a huge difference in her underprivileged community after starting a nursery.

Rikhotso obtained her degree in Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Resource Studies, and currently studying towards her Master’s Degree in Science.

She was raised by a farmworker and seeing her mother going to work on the farm for the past 23 years to provide for her family played a huge role in her developing a passion for agriculture.
She explained that her farming career started in 2017 whereby she planted vegetables in her backyard and soon after that became a nursery.

A young woman making a difference in her underprivileged village

‘’I first planted vegetables such as spinach, mustard, and cabbage in my backyard, although it was a little portion and I then realised that it’s doing very well and people from my community were interested in buying,” Rikhotso explained.

The young farmer said she hopes to own a very big Nursery that can supply the demands of seedling and employ many people.

‘’I always tell myself that anything is possible in this world irrespective of the circumstances you come across.

Whatever that you want to achieve you will get it as long as you put more effort into it, it is through this business that I generate profit and secure food security,” Rikhotso concluded.

Sourced from Tzaneen Voice

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