The Difference Between Venda and Tsonga Explained!

If you have been maintaining with this news then you’ll realize the conflict between the VhaVenda and thus the VaTsonga people in Vuwani, Limpopo. This violent clash has escalated over the past few years ultimately leading to over 20 schools burnt and 19 set alight within the world.

The stress between the two groups stems from people from the Venda-dominated Vhembe district opposing to be incorporated into the Tsonga-speaking Malamulela municipality. With all this commotion happening around this subject, allow us to require a second to know how distinct these cultures are from each other.

The Difference Between Venda and Tsonga Explained!

The VaTsonga people culturally and traditionally find intense delight for embroidery, colour, things that are pleasing to the eye similarly as things that are fashionable. this may be evident in their traditional Xibelani attire that the women wear.

The Tsonga people incorporates the Shangaan, Tonga and Thonga and there are 6 million of them living in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Republic of South Africa. In Republic of South Africa, they’re mainly be found in Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Famous Tsonga celebrities include radio personality Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni, Dr Thomas Chauke, Bob Mabena, Dr Joe Shirimani, Benny Mayengani, Papa Penny and Kwaito artist Mshoza among others.

On the alternative hand, VhaVenda are one all told the foremost fascinating and mysterious tribes in African country with a chic cultural heritage. they seem to be a culture that embeds within it a deep mysticism with water being a really important theme because the Venda people believe that rivers and lakes are sacred. Lake Fundudzi could be a vital landmark to the Venda people. It’s at this lake that the annual Domba Python Dance is held whereby an offering of beer is poured into the lake for the Python God.

The VhaVenda people, use their traditional attire as a technique of communication that indicates people, identity, status and power among other things. The meaning of the precise dress codes changes with the kind of event that’s attended. Both of those tribes are phenomenal and deeply rooted within the identity of the numerous African country.

The Difference Between Venda and Tsonga Explained!

They both fiercely hold on to their individuality which they still practice their cultural rituals even today. These are attributes to be applauded. Only time will tell if these two tribes can still live together and value their differences.

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