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Xitsakiso Baloyi brings pizza treats to the dusty streets of N’wamitwa

Since the lockdown began on March 27, Xitsakiso Baloyi from the dusty streets of N’wamitwa, outside Tzaneen in Limpopo, has been offering an assortment of pizzas. His clientele is widespread as he reaches three major towns – Tzaneen, Polokwane, Giyani and he has started making deliveries around Gauteng.

Rabbit Pizza, which Baloyi, 28, started during lockdown, has seen Baloyi create employment for seven people. This young entrepreneur has brought Pizza to rural communities and business is booming and they deliver to customers’ doorsteps.

“It started as part of my random recipe try-out in the house when I decided to go to the kitchen [in Polokwane] and make pizza, which I shared with my sister and her husband,” Baloyi explained.

“I then posted pictures on social media where a lot of people got interested and asked if I was selling pizza. I started selling them and making deliveries to customers,” he said.

Xitsakiso Baloyi added that within weeks, he had already stretched his service to other areas because of high demand.

Xitsakiso Baloyi brings pizza treats to the dusty streets of N’wamitwa 1

“I have hired three people in Tzaneen, two in Giyani and another two in Polokwane. This is because on a busy day, we sell over 35 pizzas in Tzaneen alone. Our prices range between R30 and R200. We have one Pizza we call ‘Rabbit’s Famous Pizza’, which is a combination of different flavours with extra yummy cheese,” he said.

Baloyi said his pizza has a unique taste, making it different from what people are used to. He said he ventured into Pizza business because very few black people are involved in it.

“It’s amazing that few blacks are in the pizza business whereas majority of the staff in the industry are black and so is the market and clients. Our mentality and exposure as blacks had been limited. We end up classifying other businesses as white as we know little about them. I believe that if one can think of something, they can do it and that’s the mentality I have had towards all my businesses.”

Like in any other business, Baloyi also faces some challenges.

“My biggest challenge is lack of financial resources. I have to start a business with savings made from my side hustles. This hampers with profit and slows down the growth prospects and momentum.”

Baloyi’s mother company, Rabbit Group Pty, has interests in events management, fashion and car hire.

“I opened the pizza outlet in N’wamitwa and we have been receiving orders from even far beyond the village. People call from Durban, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and are asking if we have outlets in their areas.”

Xitsakiso Baloyi, who is doing his final year in BSc in physical and mineral resources with Unisa, said he prays a lot and wants to open five pizza outlets in different towns.

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