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Papa Penny says no to paying R24K for damages

Papa Penny, known to his parents as Giyani Kulani Eric Nkobane, born in 1962, a South African musician and politician, affectionately known as the King of Shangaan Disco in the music circle because of the style of music he made popular in South Africa.

The charismatic flamboyant dresser said he won’t be exploited in one of the episodes of the Reality TV Series on DSTV’s Mzansi Papa Penny Ahee and Twitter was impressed by his strong words.

Papa Penny increased his fan base when he starred in his own popular Reality TV Series on DSTV’s Mzansi Magic Papa Penny Ahee which saw him capture hearts of the South African community at large.

In his latest episode 6 of Season 4, Papa Penny told his fans he loves and accepted all his children and wants to do right as far as African Tradition is concerned. The Legendary Shangaan Disco King wanted to pay damages for his daughter Anele so that all can be well between the Nkobane and Kunene families. The Reality Show viewers were surprised when Anele’s uncle asked for a jaw dropping R24 000 for damages.

Anele’s uncle claimed the R24 000 was for two cows as most families pay for having damaged their daughter. Papa Penny’s response on the phone was: “I am not paying lobola here. That woman had children already before i met her. How much did they pay for the other children?” Penny Penny Asked.

Fans on Twitter sided with Papa Penny saying the uncles were making ridiculous demands. They support the Reality Star, saying Anele’s uncles are trying to exploit and milk him because he is a rich man. They are also glad that Papa Penny doesn’t take nonsese.

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