King Monada’s latest album tracklist 2020 – Ex Ya Drama

Limpopo’s most loved King Monada has finally dropped his 2020 album. The official name of his latest collection is titled “Ex Ya Drama”. The album comprises of 10 amazing songs with different flavours and it features Bolobedu finest artists such as Dr Rackzen, Tshego, King Chyma and Morosto.

Below are the titles of King Monada’s latest banger album.

Track 1: Ex Ya Drama Feat. Tshego
Ex Ya Drama talks about a man or woman who is fed up with his ex-lover because of his/her dramatic behaviour. Apparently, the ex-lover came to ask for love back.

Track2: Bare Duma
Bare Duma talks about a couple that is going through difficulties. In fact, there are people who are fighting them only because they are jealous. What makes it worse is that people who are fighting are not even working.

Track 3: A kea Tlhapa
Akea Tlhapa talks about a person who loves music a lot. He left his place and go to the club without bathing. As a result, people are chasing him from the club. So, he defends himself by saying he is not the only one who didn’t bath. Eventually, he asks for forgiveness for neglecting to bath before going to the club.

Track 4: A ke Cheat
A ke Cheat relates to a man who is proud of never cheating in his life. However; his story is not true because some people are asking him why he had children out of wedlock if he never cheats. The song is saying no one is perfect in this world.

Track 5: 20K
20K is an intereseting song about a rich person who is bragging to his mates about money. In fact, he tells them that he doesn’t have any money and he is left with only 20K. This is an irony because 20K is still a lot of money in other communities here in South Africa or Africa in general.

Track 6: Quotation Feat. Dr Rackzen
Quotation is about a man who is happy in his relationship. As a result, he is asking the family of his in-laws for a quotation for lobola. In fact, he emphasizes that people have tried to make them fight but they have failed because their love is very strong.

Track 7: Chemo Feat. Dr Rackzen
Chemo is one of the songs that carry a lot of meanings or interpretations on the album. According to us, this song is talking about a man who wanted a woman. When she finally gives him the opportunity of a relationship, he doesn’t satisfy her in bed. As a result, she is complaining due to his laziness in bed.

Track 8: We Made It
We made it is a song of celebration. It is about a couple who has gone through hardships in their relationship and won at the end. They are thankful for their perseverance in difficult times when friends tried to ruin their relationship. As a result, they are now going to get married.

Track 9: Polo Feat. Dr Rackzen
Polo is a song that talks about how dating has changed over time. Ladies prefer to be in a relationship with a man who is driving cars now. In fact, they are making examples of guys who are driving VW Polo and say they are driving them crazy. In summary, you don’t have to negotiate a relationship with them until you get yourself a car.

Track 10: A Se Mapiano
A Se Mapiano is an instrumental song. The name is meant to say, don’t assume that the song is in the Genre of Amapiano because it is not. It sounds like a mix of Bolo House and Amapiano Genre in one song.

You can enjoy the great music featured on the album and remember to support local music.

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