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What transpired as Dr Thomas Hasani Chauke kicked out on stage at Mapungubwe Arts Festival 2019

Xitsonga Music Legend Dr Thomas HasaniChauke (Phd), better known for his band name Xinyori a top selling artist, 14times Summer Awards winner, 17times triple platinum record seller and all time Xitsonga Music favourite philosopher.

MEC of Sport, Art and Culture Ms Thandi Moraka literally grabbed away a microphone from Dr Chauke while performing on STAGE in full view of the festival attendants. MEC Thandi Moraka was heard as saying that she doesn’t hear this Machangani (Lekwapa Music). …. It’s breaking her eardrums with loud dirty sounds.

The crowd was left amazed with the MEC Moraka actions subsequently Dr Thomas Hasani Chauke was deposed of the stage time while his followers cheered for his comeback. This is a second stunt from the MEC 3 weeks ago she was recorded insulting Mr Howard Mashava of Xilumani Coaches following a non-payment contractual dispute for a bus service requisitioned by her last year 2018 December.

Thus far a case has been reported to S.A. Human rights Commision wherein she is being investigated for tribalism. An Organisation called Khindlimuka Heritage Foundation has since organised an urgent PUBLIC PROTEST OF ANTI TRIBALISM AND NEPOTISM AGAINST MEC MORAKA. Enough is enough about Provincial government tribalism against Vatsonga Speaking people that was a statement by the Chairperson of Khindlimuka Heritage Foundation.

“WE have been patient thinking that they will change but we see that a revolution must prevail NEPOTISM AND TRABILISM BYBHIGH RANKING OFFICIALS MUST FALL” Maswanganye said on Sunday.

PLANED FOR 19 DECEMBER 2019 a letter of intention to hand over a memorandum to Premier Stanley Mathabatha on 16 January 2020.

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