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All roads lead to Victorious Marathon 2019 at Joppie Village

The 3rd Annual Victorious Marathon is hosted on the 28th December 2019 by Bra Gibbz Foundation & Victorious Attitudes. One of our achievements was to see the winner of the 2017 & 2018 Editions competing at the 2018 & 2019 Comrades Marathon….. Mr E Nkuna

It is logistically impossible to charge spectators to attend and observe a marathon, so races must have sponsor support in addition to entry fees in order to put on the quality events that runners seek out. We have already established such an event and would like to build a promotional partnership that is mutually beneficial to both the event and sponsors. This year’s event promises to be the best instalment out of the 3 and has improved its Prizes which will include Trophies, Medals and Monies.

We believe the Victorious Marathon offers a unique publicity opportunity sponsor. The broad exposure to an educated, affluent and loyal target market coupled with the significant economic benefits the event brings to the communities of N’wamitwa gives positive and substantial brand recognition to a wide and appreciative audience.

All roads lead to Victorious Marathon 2019 at Joppie Village 1

The event is coordinated by the Bra Gibbz Foundation & Victorious Attitudes, non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting and facilitating character and skills development of youth through the support of sports and other extra – curricular activities. It utilizes 100% of the proceeds from the event to fund Education, donating food parcels and clothes among others to the disadvantaged communities. Victorious Marathon will create substantial economic benefits to the surrounding communities of N’wamitwa (Tzaneen).

With a generous course time limit, the race is open to both serious runners and more casual participants who may be more interested in taking part. The run is expected to attract +- 500 participants this year (2019) for both Marathon & Fun Walk. Estimated volunteers, spectators and family members are expected to grow the crowd to +-750 people on race day morning.

The race is supported by local volunteers, Joppie Village, Valoyi Traditional Authority, Headman Magomani, Mavabaza, Anova, MK Fuels, Freekhan Tech Solutions, L & P Computer Academy, Guru’s Events Management, Makhowa Wee and Musiphane Satelite Police. This event is a costly venture with First Aid kits, permit fees, athlete perks, timing and other expenses. While entry fees will settle some of the expenses, they will not settle all of the anticipated expenses. For the event to be successful and continue to grow year after year, sponsorship is being sought from local businesses.

Our vision is to establish a sustainable community focused running event, encouraging athletes of all levels to lead healthy lifestyles and further their personal fitness through running. The 3rd Annual Victorious Marathon will be held at Joppie Village in December 2019. Exciting race day events will be 42km, 20km, 10km and 6km.


• It will contribute to the creation of a unique Victorious Marathon that has the potential to grow into one of the world’s great annual events;
• It will be handed out as prizes together with trophies and medals;
• Assist in paying higher level institution application fees for students who can’t afford and award Non-Refundable Bursaries;
• Donate food parcels, school shoes and clothes to the needy;

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