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Keithwell Manave, the upcoming energetic Modelling King from N’wamitwa

Keithwell Manave, born and bred in the dusty streets of Shongani Village under N’wamitwa Traditional Authority; he is a Grade 11 student at Mbhekwana Secondary School. Keithwell is inspired by the late former statesman, Madiba’s quote: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it”.

Keithwell the Model is an 18 year old Lifestyle and Fashion Model who started the Modelling journey in 2017 where he represented Sevengwana High School on Peer Education and went on to represent Mbhekwana Secondary School on Science Expo for Young Scientists in 2018. The progress he has made so far in his career is unbelievable.

His first Modelling gig was when he joined Mr & Miss N’wamitwa on the 15th of June and won on debut. Keithwell further joined the Face of Spring Limpopo (25 September 2019) where he won the King crown and Mr Care Giver. During the same month, Keithwell joined Mr & Miss Cultural (30 September 2019) where he got 1st Prince. Now, Keithwell is Mr Nkowankowa’s finalist (13 December 2019), Mr & Miss Claus Tzaneen finalist, Mr Summer Time Tzaneen King and Mr Public Choice (07 December 20019) and he has recently won Mr Teens of today (01 December 2019).

“I want to see myself far with my Modelling career, grabbing the crown of Mr SA, Mr World and Mr Universe; and I would also like to open my own Modelling Agency, while also giving back to the needy communities around N’wamitwa.

“I chose Modelling because I know that I’m a whole package full of confidence and love for my art. I have also committed on community activities like the Community Policing Forum where we help our local communities to fight and stop crime. My hobbies include grouping children and motivate them about the future and success. I also like jogging to keep fit and healthy at all times,” he says.

Keithwell is currently unsigned to any Modelling Agency and is open to local designers to work with and also help in marketing their brands locally. According to the young Model, his passion for fashion and modelling was inspired by other local seasoned Modelling Gurus like Jnr Lloyd from Joppie Village, Masana Pleasure Ngobeni from Nkambako Village and Dzunisani Goodwell Mathye.

Keithwell also wants to set standards and raise the bar too high in order to influence others especially those coming from the previously disadvantaged background in the countryside of N’wamitwa. Keithwell describes himself as a hard worker, an influential leader and a team player among his peers in his school – Mbhekwana Secondary School.

Keithwell the Model is aiming very high in his career path and he says he’s not stopping anytime soon until he gets Mr World or Mr Universe crowns.

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