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Parats Consulting Group

Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd is a private company focused on serving the comprehensive needs of individuals and businesses in the full range of the business cycle. With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to most projects, Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd is able to offer a more balanced quality service than many competitors.

Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd comprises of two sub-divisions, with related but distinct products, services, markets and opportunities. This Profile consolidates the two sub-divisions of Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd’s Business Plan into a well-balanced offering of high quality customer service, branded, well-accepted industrial products, our own lines of products and secondary services to compliment each division’s efforts. The current plan calls for operating each sub-divisions and the holding company all within the same location, to facilitate employee and management training, accounting procedures, and inventory management.

Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd is 100% BEE Company, black owned and a start-up company established in 2015 and formally registered in 2017 by Mrs Nomsa Tshikhudo (a qualified electrician) and Mr Kuvhanganani Tshikhudo (an experienced Photographer).

At Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd, we provide professional services in Electrical Engineering and Media & Communications. We strive to enhance the credibility and integrity of South African professionals, through provision of total quality consultancy services, designed to deliver to our clients’ projects of optimal quality, within scheduled and at the most effective price.

Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd was established to primarily focus on multi-purpose projects aimed at contributing to eradication of poverty and creation of jobs to South African Citizens both for private and public sectors. To maximize profitability, Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd has consolidated all of its operations into one location. Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd divisions are located in Gauteng and Limpopo with few satellite offices in the near future.

Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd provides electrical solutions to residence, home builders and property managers in South Africa. We are a recognized leader and preferred provider for our valued clients; by delivering unequalled electrical services through our highly qualified staff of trained professionals, with total commitment to integrity and excellence.

At Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd, our consultative approach to partnering with clients, our ability to do what others couldn’t and can’t; and our expertise in providing solutions to problems beyond the ability of other Media and Communications Consultants, are established points of difference and advantages that Parats Consulting Group (Pty) Ltd brings to all of its clients.

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