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Arm yourself well to overcome life’s challenges

People are right when they tell you to never give up. No matter how many times you have tried without success, never ever give up.

This encouraging phrase bears fruit when followed by outstanding effort to give the extra push. You are the only one who can ensure your dreams become reality. Often, you have to dig deep for potential at grassroots level and even if you are almost there, certain things will make you doubt your success can be achieved.

It is good to look back, but not wise to go back. The only time to look back is when you want to see how far you have come or how long you have been in the race. Treat your doubts as warnings to strengthen your preparation.

There’s a Tsonga saying: “loko u ya emahlweni ka Nghala, famba u khome xisana xa ndzilo” (Whoever attempts to face a Lion must be well armed). Dreams will always be achieved with lots of sweat; and the twist and turns make the bigger picture seem almost impossible to reach, but it is very possible with God as Luke 1:37 states.

There will be issues delaying your progress. But just as a battle, don’t worry if you get injured because it is to be expected. There could be even more challenges when you think you are just steps away from the finish line.

Fear less if you fail, because that could be what you need to grow. Life goes on if you don’t chase your dreams, but if you do; it has possibilities that can be turned into triumphs.

Article by Godlive Masinge

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