You booze, you lose!

Excessive indulgence in booze is a receipe for disaster – and the fastest way to self-destruction.

Alcohol is a gateway drug with severe and dire consequences that often lead to hardcore drugs. When we don’t meet our expectations, dreams, goals and endeavours we feel inadequate, useless, inferior, pathetic, and like failures.

And without thinking twice, we immediately jump onto the alcohol bandwagon using it as a copying mechanism. But I’d advice people against it because alcohol is a wrong turn. People should learn they can’t use alcohol as a detergent to wash away their problems.

Indulging and associating yourself with alcohol and other drugs worsens the already catastrophic situations we may find ourselves in. There’s nothing good to be said about alcohol, as it wreaks havoc, delays progress due to procrastination after having babalas, brings misery and poverty into our lives, destroys promising talent and future prospects.

Marriages have crumbled and steady relationships have collapsed, thanks to alcohol. Mothers quench their thirst at drinking holes, tarvens and shebeens using grant money meant for the wellbeing of their children. Fathers spend money spend their money on booze while their kids go to bed on empty stomachs or don’t even have proper school uniforms and stationery. Isn’t this selfish?

There’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol only if and when it’s consumed in moderation. Your problems will temporarily go away when you’re drunk only to come back when you are sober up. Alcohol is also the main cause of many accidents that happen on our national roads in South Africa.

Alcohol has no champion and trophy, so don’t fool yourself. You can frequent drinking holes, but you’ll have nothing to show for it in the end. Drink responsibly South Africa.

Article by Godlive Masinge

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