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Mbhekwana Sporting Club Tournament

Soccer is viewed by many as a major sporting event in the world. The game of football has resulted to skills development in many nations across the globe and has contributed in enriching individuals. Besides, sport in general and football in particular have emerged as a single unifying factor, even in the moment of political, ethnic and socio-religious tension and feuds. Nations across the world have united behind this game. Football has bridged racial divide and brought people of other nation into a union of oneness.

Most youths are ready to defy some of the challenges prevailing in the world today such as unemployment and economic hardship, which has reduced them to the level of desperation. Most of them have given up hopes and have buried their talents and indulge in activities such as drug abuse, prostitution, gangsterism and banditry. It can therefore not be argued that idleness breeds crime and other numerous malpractices that can only lead to the destruction of individuals and their communities.

Mbhekwana Sporting Club has come to realize that in partnership with the Government as well as other stakeholders, young people can be given a chance of making it in life through sports. The founders and promoters of M.S.C equally believe that young people are rough diamond whom if well-polished shall shine for the whole of humanity.

The goal of the project is to offers an opportunity for maximal development of talent in youth through training and nurturing of their talents in football, other sport code we would like to cater like Netball and Cricket, in the junior, cadet and senior categories. Most of the players are usually identified through township competitions and street playing arenas. Moreover, the object seeks to establish an exchange visit program between the Mbhekwana Sporting Club and sports Institution and training centres for coaches and players the Nation over.

Mbhekwana Sporting Club will host its first annual tournament as part of the marketing and making awareness of crime, violence, drugs and women and child abuse. We will therefore make sense of the xenophobia attack looming around to make alteration in our country. The event will focus on soccer as we have already made invitations for stakeholders like elite people in the community including Department of Education, Department of Social Development, Department of Police Service, NGOs, Mopani SAFA, Media companies and Private Sectors to support the event not forgetting the parents of the players.
We have scheduled the event to:

DATE: 26th October 2019
VENUE: Mbhekwana high school ground
TIME: 10:00AM
This will run for two days during weekend. 8 teams under 16 will lock horns with money affiliation of R250 each and number one will run with R1500 and number two will run with R500. There will be also individual awards for players like.
• Player of the tournament;
• Goalkeeper of the tournament;
• Top goal score;
• Coach of the tournament.
Our wish is to make change in our community through your support and believe. Without the use of your business or your involvement nothing can happen, if you know any company or any individual who can help us with food parcels/water/medals/trophies and 3 soccer balls for use during the event. You can refer us to that person or company so we can make possibilities. Your availability will be sort of encouragement to us and to the community.
Please let us know your schedule and what you think about these.

Your regards:
Marketing Director Mr SH Machimana Tel:0711444773
Email: s.machimana@gmail.com

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