Dead man walking

I woke up one early morning with a burning question brewing in my subconscious hence I couldn’t get myself to terms with my untamed thoughts. The question on my mind was, do firefighters go to hell like the rest of the sinning population or are they just not welcome in that inferno of a paradise? Imagine being a firefighter in hell; that goes against every firefighter’s code because there isn’t much you can do about the current situation. You’re no different from a DEAD MAN WALKING!

But what’s the point of this back story?
This is me trying to tell all my readers that as sensible humans we often find ourselves in situations of hopelessness where we feel void and without purpose .This is usually because the things that kill our hopes often taste alright at the time and as a result we lose direction and go the wrong way.This is probably what J.Cole meant when he said, “the good news is that you’ve come a long way; but the bad news is you went the wrong way”. You just need someone to point you into the right direction and that’s what I’m going to try to do with this piece today.

A dead man walking keeps walking without direction and well, that person is going nowhere fast. As a new week begins, I need you to decide to stop walking with no direction and make decisions that shine light upon your path. Between me and you we both know that you could do better and that you deserve so much more.

Life needs to stop making an example out of you and that can only happen once you decide on a plan of action to make sure that the life you live in reality is on the same level with that which you live in your dreams. You can do this! You’ve got it in you! Stop putting yourself down, you’re not dead yet therefore there’s still hope. King Monada once said in a song with Leon Lee and i quote, “one day is one day”.

Don’t let yourself stay in that situation forever. So here’s how to stop being a dead person that’s walking without direction (unproductive person): Resurrect your hopes and dreams, set goals and work towards them on a daily basis, believe in your ability to succeed more than you’re afraid of failing, try new things but nothing illegal though and remember that you are special, unique and you deserve respect.

You’ll be fine. Although you’re not going to succeed immediately please keep in mind that slow progress is still progress, things worth having are harder to obtain and require a lot of patience. You’ve got this!

Article by Castro Letsoalo

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